Customer success at the forefront

Develon’s Concept-X2 revolutionizes the construction industry through the power of technology combined with human innovation. Led by a customer-centered approach, the project focuses on providing concrete benefits to our customers.

Concept-X2 redefines the relationship between human and machine, and facilitates more effective communication across the board. It helps to guide the entire construction process, from topographic analyses via drones to the creation of data-driven construction plans. With AI-technology, the Concept-X2 excavator optimizes performance by utilizing data analyzed and transmitted through the X-center. Its autonomous operation and advanced control center ensure safe and precise operations throughout the assessment, planning, and control of every worksite.

Future jobsite innovation

Experience the future of smart construction with Concept-X2 from Develon, where technology and people come together to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Concept-X2 family
Concept-X2 excavator


Develon unveils the newest developments to the technology-based solution in an update called Concept-X2.

The latest solution includes:


  • New Dozer added to autonomous lineup


  • Autonomous driving blade control based on GNSS
  • Automated Machine Control & 3D grading with Tilt-Rotator
  • Enhanced machine-learning-based auto digging and loading
  • Integrated work planning algorithm applied


  • Advanced E-stop safety technology


  • New cabinless design, ‘Linear core’ design language