Transparent bucket system

Transparent Bucket System

The DEVELON Transparent Bucket is a fully integrated system that allows a wheel loader operator to see the bucket blind spots on the machine through the in-cab monitor.

Transparent Bucket System

Seeing you through any challenge

Owing to blind spots caused by the buckets on wheel loaders, the area in front of the machine has been considered an area of major concern in terms of safety. The system records images at the front of the wheel loader with two cameras mounted on the top and bottom of the machine and displays the combined images in real time on the monitor in the cab using a curved projection method. This innovation is protected by several patents in Korea, North America, Europe and China.




  • Significantly increased level of operational safety
  • Superior prevention of bodily injuries and accidents
Work efficiency

Work efficiency

  • Intuitive and easy to operate
  • Greater productivity
  • Less tiredness/stress
Enhanced operator comfort

Enhanced operator comfort

  • More comfortable environment
  • Increased peace of mind for the operator
High quality fully integrated system

High quality fully integrated system

Another advantage of the transparent bucket system is that it can significantly improve work efficiency by providing a forward view perspective for the driver during loading/unloading or when carrying materials such as aggregates, sand and soil.

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Awards and Recognition

MATEXPO 21 - Construction Equipment

Transparent bucket

Grands Prix Matériels Chantiers de France and DLR 2022

Coup de Coeur’ - Jury’s favourite – Award

Matexpo Award 2021

‘Innovation’ and ‘Safety’ categories

Premios Potencias 2021

Premio a la Innovación