Take your productivity to the next level! Develon aims to innovate the construction machinery industry, using state-of-the-art digital technologies and approaches. Digital transformation of the business is the key!

My Develon

A digital platform, that leverages equipment and user data to offer comprehensive service solutions for construction equipment throughout its life cycle.

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Develon aims to innovate the construction machinery industry and create sustainable customer value through digital transformation of business rather than simply introducing digital technology. Concept-X will successfully drive your business through increased productivity, reduced costs and risks in the construction site.

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Develon’s Concept-X2 revolutionizes the construction industry through the power of technology combined with human innovation. Led by a customer-centered approach, the project focuses on providing concrete benefits to our customers.

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XiteCloud is all-in-one smart construction platform and the first commercializing step of Concept-X project. With XiteCloud solutions, a customer can manage multiple tasks such as surveys, terrain analysis, machine purchases, equipment operation and construction management on a single platform, thereby reducing construction costs and saving time while increasing work accuracy, which in turn raises productivity.

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Transparent Bucket System

The Develon Transparent Bucket is a fully integrated system that allows a wheel loader operator to see the bucket blind spots on the machine through the in-cab monitor.

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