The Concept-X Project

Develon has launched the Concept-X Project, a groundbreaking initiative integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the construction machinery industry and deliver lasting value to customers.

Concept-X encompasses automated solutions for construction sites, utilizing drones for surveying tasks, unmanned equipment automation, and remote control via 5G communication. These innovations aim to boost productivity, cut costs, and mitigate risks by facilitating precise and swift operations at construction sites.

A Fully
Autonomous Future

The Concept-X project is set to achieve full autonomy by 2030. Develon is pioneering autonomous solutions, outfitting equipment with unmanned, automated capabilities for precise and rapid task execution.

These systems rely on data analyzed by the X-Center control system, allowing users immediate oversight of construction site equipment.

Utilizing drones to scan and survey the worksite terrain, the data collected from various sites is then used to instruct and manage unmanned equipment.


Funcional Unit Technology

Smart Technologies for Construction Equipment

  • Transparent Bucket
  • TeleOperation
  • Machine Control & Guidance System
  • Weighing System
  • Wall E-fence & Laser Receiver
  • My Develon


Convergence Technology Based on Application

A combination of smart and autonomous technologies tailored for specific applications, such as quarrying, construction, and other sites, set to be finalized by 2026.

  • XiteCloud
  • Quarry-X



Fully Autonomous and Zero Emission Construction Equipment Technologies.

The First Innovative Technologies within the Concept-X Project

The first steps for the Concept-X project were made through 4 initiatives:

Smart Construction Equipment Technologies

Transparent Bucket

In response to safety concerns stemming from blind spots caused by wheel loader buckets, the system utilizes two cameras mounted on both the top and bottom of the machine to visualize the unseen frontal area. These images are then combined and displayed in real time on the cab monitor using a curved projection method.

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Machine Control & Guidance System

The Machine Guidance System uses sensors mounted on the digging equipment and body to recognize the real-time position of each working device and guide the operator in reaching the defined target. Our Machine Control System, meanwhile, uses sensors to recognize the real-time position of each working device and control/adjust front operation to work as planned. When the operator uses the arm, the bucket and boom follow the target line automatically.

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Weighing System

The Develon Smart Load weighing system is perfect for tasks demanding precise material weight information in the bucket. With all menus and settings seamlessly integrated into the Develon Smart Touch display, optimizing load cycles and maximizing profits has never been easier. Fully integrated into Develon Smart Touch, the onboard weighing system aids operators in hitting exact load targets with precision.With the new integrated weighing system, you can easily track and record every bucketload. Plus, you can enhance each job report by including essential data like the company name, material type, and truck name/ID.

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Wall E-fence & Laser Receiver

The Virtual Wall E-fence creates a virtual barrier, preventing accidents by automatically stopping the machine once it approaches the pre-defined limit you've set. And with Develon’s ultra-precise laser receiver, the system consistently maintains the reference point, even as the machine shifts position. This eliminates the need for the operator to reset the reference point every time the machine moves.

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TeleOperation is a remote operating system for construction equipment from a distant station. While it's suitable for general earthmoving tasks, the new Teleoperation system excels in operating excavators for hazardous applications like industrial waste disposal, which involves hazardous, toxic, or radioactive substances. It's also beneficial for tasks involving collapsing waste piles and areas with buried mines and munitions. Safety is further enhanced through zoning and area limitation functions provided by the Develon TeleOperation system.

Customer Service Solutions

My Develon

My Develon is a digital platform that leverages equipment and user data to offer comprehensive service solutions for construction equipment throughout its lifecycle.

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Solutions for Diverse Application Sites


XiteCloud is an all-in-one smart construction platform and the first commercializing step of the Concept-X project.

With XiteCloud solutions, customers can handle various tasks such as surveys, terrain analysis, machine purchases, equipment operation, and construction management on a single platform. This integration reduces construction costs, saves time, and enhances work accuracy, thereby increasing productivity. XiteCloud also enables customers to manage multiple projects on a single platform, facilitating the accumulation and management of data for future decision-making and business operations.

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Develon Quarry-X

The Quarry-X solution integrates all business processes, from order taking to sales, using ICT technology to efficiently manage the site and boost productivity while minimizing costs and time.


Develon Concept-X2

Future of the Concept-X Project

The Concept-X Project is divided into 3 realization stages.


Concept-X1 is a project that merges cutting-edge technology with an emphasis on human connection to empower and enhance lives.

At the heart of this initiative lies the Concept-X Excavator, designed to redefine the interaction between humans and machines through innovative AI technology.


The Concept-X2, successor to the Concept-X, takes autonomous smart construction to the next level. This technology greatly improves work efficiency and enables more detailed and complex operations, thanks to a new 3D MC algorithm that has yielded an impressive 13% improvement.

As technology advances, the bond between humans and machines will only grow stronger. With advancements, we can expect improved and optimized workflows, facilitating more effective interactions between individuals. The opportunities ahead are vast, and Concept-X2 is poised to lead us toward them.

Keep an eye out for the future of Concept-X!!