All-in-one smart construction platform

XiteCloud is all-in-one smart construction platform and the first commercializing step of Concept-X project.

With XiteCloud solutions, a customer can manage multiple tasks such as surveys, terrain analysis, machine purchases, equipment operation and construction management on a single platform, thereby reducing construction costs and saving time while increasing work accuracy, which in turn raises productivity. XiteCloud also allows customers to manage multiple projects on a single platform, accumulating and managing data that can be utilized for future decision-making/business.

Concept-X2 dozer


With XiteCloud customers can digitize their construction site with innovative management, field and safety solutions. A range of new solutions that form part of the XiteCloud system covers many aspects of construction management:


Provides real-time fleet monitoring with location tracking and operation monitoring.


Commercializes the current and future technology that DEVELON is developing from 3D machine guidance to automation.


XiteAnalyst is a digital twin-based earthwork analysis/management solution.


Offers safety management, including preventing collisions between construction equipment and workers.

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