The DX245DM-7 model has a high visibility, tiltable cab, particularly suited to high reach demolition applications and offering a 30 degree tilting angle which provides an excellent operator environment.


A key feature of the DX245DM-7 which is shared with other models in the range, is a modular boom design and hydraulic lock mechanism. This provides the customer with a complete, flexible solution that allows them to use the same excavator for other applications on site as well as demolition.

The multi-boom design also allows the earthmoving boom to be mounted in two different ways, which with the demolition boom, provides further flexibility with a total of three different configurations for the same base machine.

The DX245DM-7 also has a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, which extends to a maximum width of 3.74 m to provide optimum stability when working on demolition sites. This can then be retracted to 2.54m which is an ideal width for transportation

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Machine Specs

Operating weight 30800/28900 kg (Demolition Arm/Digging Arm)
Travel speed 3.0 - 5.5 km/h
Engine model DL06P
Power (SAE J1995) 173 hp/129 kW at 1800 rpm (Demolition Arm/Digging Arm)
Pin reach 12900/ 8170 mm (Demolition Arm/Digging Arm)
Pin depth -/4785 mm (Demolition Arm/Digging Arm)
Pin height  18070/ 8155 mm (Demolition Arm/Digging Arm)
Overall Length  11460/ 9590 mm (Demolition Arm/Digging Arm)
Width superstructure 2540 mm
Variable undercarriage width 2540 ~ 3740(Variable) mm
Overall Height (Incl.FOG) 3150 mm

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