The DX250WMH-7 is 25 tone Stage V compliant material handler for use in the solid waste, recycling, demolition and forestry industries. 

The DX250WMH-7 material handler has been designed specifically for a wide range of material sorting and handling applications such as those in the scrap metal and other solid waste and recycling industries, as well as logging. Designed to carry out the toughest tasks, the DX250WMH-7 is built with front and rear stabilizers, and a boom and arm specifically designed for material handling tasks. A standard feature is the hydraulic cab riser, which gives the operator better all-around visibility of the attachment and work area.

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Machine Specs

Operating weight 25397/25672 kg (Gooseneck Arm/Straight Arm)
Travel speed 4 - 9 - 20 km/h
Engine model Develon DL06V
Power (SAE J1995) 189HP/141kW @1900rpm
Emission standard StageV
Max. Pin height 12100/11900 mm (Gooseneck Arm/Straight Arm)
Max. Operation reach 10700/10400 mm (Gooseneck Arm/Straight Arm)
Max. Working depth 4700/4100 mm (Gooseneck Arm/Straight Arm)
Boom Length 6500/6500 mm (Gooseneck Arm/Straight Arm)
Arm Length 4500/4000 mm (Gooseneck Arm/Straight Arm)
Min. Swing radius 2700 mm
Elevating height 2500 mm

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