Aftermarket new product: Battery launching Status

DIEU Aftermarket announces that Doosan Batteries are AVAILABLE right now. Doosan Batteries are optimized specifically for Doosan machines and its starting power.

- Applicable model:

Item Previous
Part No.
Part No.
Quantity of Model Applied Model
Battery (Wet Type) 2506-6008 300101-00050 2 DX140LC-3, DX140W-3, DX140W-5,
DX160LC-3, DX160W-3, DX160W-5,
DX170W-5, DX180LC-3, DX190W-3,
DX190W-5, DX210W-5, DX225LC-3,
DX225LC-5, DX235NLC-5, DX255LC-3,
DX255LC-5, DX300LC-3,
DX340LC-3, DX380LC-3, DX420LC-3,
DX490LC-3, DX530LC-3,
DL300-3, DL350-3, DL420-3, DL450-3,
300101-00323 300101-00327 2 DX420LC-5, DX490LC-5, DX530LC-5,
DL300-5, DL350-5, DL420-5, DL450-5,
K1025096 K1040598 1 DX55W, DX62R-3, DX63-3, DX85R-3
506-00006 2 DX140LC-5, DX140LCR-3, DX140LCR-5,
DX160LC-5, DX180LC-5,
DX235LCR-5, DX300LC-5, DX340LC-5,
DL200-3, DL200-5, DL220-5, DL250-3,

- In UK (Cardiff PDC), existing drop shipment direct from vendor continues.

- For more information, please contact your sales representative.

Batteries leaflet is available to order in Brandstore/MediaHub.

If you have any further question, please contact DIEU AfterMarket.