New Performance General Purpose buckets


Doosan is pleased to announce the introduction of a new line-up of performance general purpose buckets.

These new models replace the previous range manufactured in Italy.

The additional value brought with this new offering comes from:

  1. Its wide configurability
  2. Its Hardox® steel.
  3. The larger capacities offered
  4. The additional comfort provided by the new shock absorbers

These benefits come at prices similar to the previous range, at equivalent configuration.

The Eco range (made in Korea) stays available for customers more focused on a good quality/price ratio.


New shock absorbers for more operator comfort

All the performance general purpose buckets will be equipped with new shock absorbers.

Two years of successful tests convinced us to implement this innovation.

The stoppers are now mounted on a durable rubber pad, which reduces the shocks and noises when rolling the bucket back.

This increases the operator’s comfort and reduces stresses on both the machine and the bucket structures.

Fit for your customer’s application

The new range of performance general purpose buckets is almost fully configurable.
Now, in addition to deciding about teeth or bolt-on edge, you choose the coupling system, floor shape, spillguard type, bucket protection, and blade shape - all according to the needs of your customer.


Doosan Wheel Loader Bucket Configurator (

Doosan has developed a dedicated website to make the configuration a fast and easy process for you.

Advice is provided at each step to help you make the right choice.

Endurance is a must

Built with wear resistant materials

All the parts in contact with the ground and the material are made from Hardox® (orange parts)

Design fatigue-proofed

No stress concentration on the structure


Steel blasting (shot peening)

This process prepares for paint, but also reduces crack initiation on welds, and increases resistance to fatigue

Robot welding

Ensures consistency in quality


Improved productivity

Lighter buckets

These new buckets are manufactured with Hardox® steel, a material with better resistance to wear, and better mechanical properties.

Thanks to this, at equivalent configuration, the structure of these new buckets is lighter than our current offering; that means more material can be transported on the front end of the wheel loader at each cycle, so more productivity.

Chamfered side cutters & heels

To reduce fuel consumption as much as possible, some chamfers have been added:

- on the side cutters, to facilitate the penetration in the pile
- on the heels below the bucket, to make them slide easier on the ground

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