Maskinia supports the fight against Sweden's most common cancer disease

Social commitment continues! Together with suppliers and partner Klaravik, you are now participating in the fight against prostate cancer by auctioning off a Doosan DX10z, where the entire winning bid goes in full to the Swedish Prostate Cancer Association's collection called Mustaschkampen 2019.


During the fair ”Svenska Maskinmässan 2018”, Maskinia auctioned off the unique Doosan DX140W-5 Black Edition, which brought in the fantastic amount of SEK 762,000 which was divided into three equal parts between the three organizations Breast Cancer Association, Prostate Cancer Association and the Child Cancer Foundation. Now, the company continues its commitment to these issues and participates in the Prostate Cancer Association's fundraising Mustaschkampen 2019, which takes place during the month of November

Bidding continues to be auctioned and this time it is the Doosan DX10z minimum of about 1 tonne that the bidders during the month of November have the opportunity to call home. The machine is foiled in the blue colors of the Mustaschkampen and is decorated with the Mustaschkampen logo and participating company logos. The machine's new designation is now the Doosan DX10z Blue Edition and is equipped with tilt intermediate from RF System and buckets from engcon. RF System and engcon, together with Maskinia and the auction site Klaravik, are the four companies that together make this contribution possible.

The auction starts on the first of November on and continues until Friday 29th November, when the winning bid is clubbed. The starting price is set at SEK 170,000 and the total amount will go to the Mustache match in 2019.

-– We are incredibly pleased that Maskinia, together with partners, is once again preparing and supporting our fight against prostate cancer. The grant enables us to contribute even more to research to improve cancer care and, in the long term, hopefully solve the prostate cancer mystery. As prostate cancer, which is Sweden's most common cancer diagnosis, has become more well-known, research has gained real momentum and more resources are really needed, says Göran Hellberg, secretary general of the Prostate Cancer Association

The opportunity to view the machine is available during the Maskiniadays 2019 in Linköping, which runs from 15-16 November. The machine will have a central location under the open house and will attract visitors

Link to the auction here.