Engcon Control System Kit Is Now Available For Doosan Excavators

We are pleased to announce a further innovation we are offering through Doosan Smart Solutions - a Tiltrotator Control System Kit specially developed by Engcon for Doosan excavators! Parts for the control system kit are specifically designed to fit Doosan excavators, which improves the efficiency and quality of the installation. The collaboration between Doosan and Engcon brings all the benefits of control systems, quick hitches and tiltrotators, providing a more flexible and efficient way of working.

“The advantage for our end customers is that they will enjoy much faster deliveries – the Doosan excavator they buy will be ready for an Engcon tiltrotator. This is an important step in our efforts to continually improve our service,” explains Krister Blomgren, CEO of Engcon.

A tiltrotator can make excavation work up to 50 per cent more efficient. Moreover, aspects such as improved safety and a reduced impact on the environment are strong arguments for using tiltrotator technology. More and more markets are recognising the potential embodied in these products and the way they streamline and help to develop work. The long-term goal is to increase collaboration between Doosan and Engcon from only covering Europe to encompassing the rest of the world.

Both Doosan and Engcon view the excavator as a tool carrier that replaces other machines. Using an automatic quick hitch in combination with a tiltrotator, it is easy to change tools, providing a more flexible and efficient way of working.

Doosan Infracore Europe Marketing Communications Manager, Kevin Lynch, commented further, “We are pleased to use Engcon as one of our partners for control systems and tiltrotators. Due to the strong growth of this market, our partnership will provide greater working efficiency in responding to the demand of our dealers and customers.”