Doosangram Reaches 50,000 Instagram Followers Mere 19 Months After Launch

Since we previously wrote about Doosan Infracore Europe setting sail onto the uncharted waters of Instagram for the first time on January 8, 2019, the brand has since well-established their presence on this visual-based social media platform. Stepping into the second half of 2020, Doosangram has amassed 50,000 construction equipment fans and heavy machinery enthusiasts.

This wonderful number is possible thanks to a dedicated community. Our account proves to be very engaging for the followers as the majority of them are either Doosan operators or dealers who appreciate the steady influx of interesting, informative and construction-industry-related posts. We are able to post quality content directly thanks to Doosan fans who tag @doosangram or use the #doosan or #doosangramhashtags with their pictures and who also fill our message inbox with great pictures of their Doosan fleets, new attachments, special paint jobs, impressive construction, forestry or demolition jobs well done, etc.

Nearly every day, we choose one attractive picture from our archives and from the huge volume of UCG (user-generated content) we receive and post them to our feed. Daily Doosangram stories feature a trio of pictures from the operators and dealers. We always give credit to the picture’s author and/or their dealership or company, which strengthens the community, highlights the brand’s approachability and care for our fans and customers, and motivates other Doosan owners, resellers and operators to boast their own content and get in contact with us.

Besides visual entertainment, we want to keep our followers informed and up to date, so each daily story features a swipe-up link to the pictured model or machine range, which makes getting details easier for the curious ones or potential buyers. To spice things up a bit, we fill the stories up with polls, quizzes, questions and more to make things maximally interesting for our community.

Doosangram is one of the best ways to get in touch with the whole, multi-layered Doosan universe and its inhabitants and we hope to keep things alive, fun and engaging for our fans for years to come.