Doosan Excavators Prepare Site in Centre of Santander

A fleet of Doosan excavators working with large breakers has been used by the company, Excavaciones Gaby, to clear space for a new site for building work in the centre of the city of Santander in Spain.

"The work carried out required excavation, emptying and removal of materials for the future construction of subsidized housing, promoted by the Santander City Council. This entailed removing materials to a fair depth for the creation of underground garage space and much of the work involved the removal of quite hard rock,” said Gabriel González, President of Excavaciones Gaby.

Excavaciones Gaby is a family business, with more than 30 years of experience, located in Val de San Vicente (Unquera-Cantabria) in Spain. The company initially specialized in earthmoving and for 20 years has also been involved in civil engineering and general construction. The company mainly works locally but also undertakes national and international projects.

Gabriel González added: "The task of removing rock and soil from between buildings in the centre of Santander, in the middle of Alta Street and in front of the Cantabrian Parliament, began with drilling work on the very hard and rocky soil terrain we found."

Tough Excavators for Tough Work

Two Doosan DX340LC-5 excavators with breakers and a Doosan DX255-3 were used for the clearance work after the drilling and helped to remove about 50,000 m3 of material from the site. These excavators are characterized among other things by their power, especially for the toughest tasks. They offer exceptional and effective performance that translates into time and money savings.

Gabriel González commented: “These machines were chosen to carry out these works because powerful machines were required, with large hammers, and because of the hardness of the rock. As for the fuel consumption in these two models it is impressive, which is important to us. They are also fast, agile and reliable.

“We have put our trust in the Doosan brand, in the performance of Doosan machines. Due to the type of work we undertake, our machines have to work in extreme conditions and the Doosan machines work well in these conditions - any maintenance work that is required is less expensive than that of other brands, something that we also value.

“The feedback from our operators is very good - they are happy and we always ask them for their opinion when changing or renovating the machinery fleet. The Doosan machines are easy to operate. In general, we appreciate the more accurate movements and speed of these Doosan models. Doosan excavators meet the expectations of our operators - the controls are smooth and the cabs for the operators are ergonomic, comfortable, with good visibility and the machines are very agile.”. Excavaciones Gaby currently owns eight Doosan crawler and wheeled excavators including DX85R-3, DX225LC-3, DX255LC-3 and DX340LC-5 models.

Gabriel González continued: “We work with Doosan machines because they give us reliability - they are fast and affordable to run, as I mentioned previously. We have machines with over 22,000 hours of work on them, which apart from natural wear and tear are still working perfectly. Another aspect of these machines is the service provided by the dealer - we have good machines with a very good service from Adal Exclusivas Generales, the official Doosan dealer in our area.

“Before changing our fleet to the Doosan brand, we operated with another recognized brand in the market and with the change what we have achieved above all is to improve the fuel consumption of our machines. This is an important saving that is to the benefit of every job we do. Currently practically all of our fleet is from Doosan, and I am very satisfied with all the machines, as well as the aftersales service, and we will continue to put our trust in this brand.

“I also had the opportunity to visit Doosan's factories and facilities in Korea and was really impressed by how powerful Doosan is as a group, and globally. It is something that I think is not really well known in Spain among machinery users, or at least I was not aware of it until I made that trip with which I was pleasantly surprised, changing my perception and confirming the image I have that Doosan is a great brand."