FW Bau Demolition Ahead of Time with Doosan Excavators

FW Bau, the construction company based in Salzhemmendorf in Germany, has used a Doosan DX255LC excavator to dismantle a concrete tank at a sewage treatment plant at Malente in Schleswig-Holstein.

This is not the only project where the company is putting its trust in Doosan excavators. Since the DX255LC, the company's first Doosan excavator, went into operation in April 2018, FW Bau has purchased four more Doosan excavators from Authorised Doosan Dealer, Atlas Hannover Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. According to Felix Wessel, the Owner and Managing Director of FW Bau, the combination of the reliable, efficient Doosan machines and a strongly customer and solution-oriented dealer in Atlas Hannover Baumaschinen, has given FW Bau the security the company needs in carrying out its everyday business.

Faster than Expected

In dismantllng the tank at the Malente sewage treatment plant, the Doosan DX255LC impressively demonstrated its efficiency and strength. Originally, it was planned it would take three weeks to demolish a tank like this with a height of 14 m and a diameter of 14 m, including the processing of the roughly 200 m³ of demolished concrete and around 800 m³ of stone that was produced by the work.

In fact, Felix Wessel’s company was able to complete the project in just two weeks. One of the reasons was the trouble-free operation of the construction machinery used. "I can fully rely on the Doosan machines, which is an important factor for me as a medium-sized contractor," Felix explained.

While the 25 tonne DX255LC excavator was demolishing and processing material with the help of a jaw crusher, a Doosan 14 tonne DX140LCR-5 excavator was used to load it into FW Bau’s own trucks.

Complete Package

FW Bau has had a partnership with Atlas Hannover Baumaschinen for many years and after the company hired a Doosan excavator for the first time in 2017, Wessel decided in favour of Doosan machines for future machine purchases that began in April 2018 with the DX255LC.

Felix added: “From today's perspective, it was exactly the right decision. Bernd Desenberg at Atlas Hannover Baumaschinen recommended the Doosan to me and the complete package consisting of the Doosan machine and the dealer as a service partner has proven itself. So good that I have now bought four more Doosan machines from Atlas Hannover.” In addition to the DX255LC, the fleet at FW Bau now includes DX10z, DX63-3, the DX140LCR-5 and, most recently, a DX190W-5 wheeled excavator. The next purchase, this time a Doosan wheel loader, is in the pipeline.

Quick Solutions Count

Felix Wessel has known the dealer Atlas Hannover Baumaschinen GmbH & Co., founded in 1980, for many years, even before he founded his own company. He particularly appreciates the dealer's solution-oriented approach. Carsten Gröbitz, Managing Director of Atlas Hannover Baumaschinen, said: "If there is a problem the most important thing for us is to first ensure that the work can continue." And Felix Wessel adds: "If worst comes to worst, we can fully rely on the team from Atlas Hannover - thankfully I can say that none of the five Doosan machines has had a problem.”

Strong Group

The group of companies at Atlas Hannover Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. also includes EBAG Elbe Baumaschinen GmbH and AMF Fahrzeugbau GmbH. The approximately 120 employees of the five branches in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt offer customers a wide range of services related to the sale of new, used and special equipment in the field of construction machinery as well as special vehicle bodies. In addition to repair and service with a total of 19 service vehicles, the rental of construction machinery is also part of the business. For this purpose, the company has a rental fleet of around 165 machines. A 24-hour emergency service is available to customers, seven days a week.

FW Bau

FW Bau, founded in 2013 as a groundworks company, is managed by Felix Wessel and his wife, Ina Wessel. With 18 employees currently, the company offers customers services in the areas of demolition, recycling, earthworks, landscaping and courtyard paving. From its headquarters in Salzhemmendorf, FW Bau supports customers far beyond the borders of the Hameln-Pyrmont district, including all of the Hanover region, Holzminden, Hildesheim, Stadthagen and even in the neighbouring states. The company’s fleet comprises 18 machines and eleven different vans/trucks. The company offers an external transportation service, as well as meeting the requirements for transporting machines in its own fleet.