The first DX350LC-7 secures the But Torrent (UD)

The bed of the But Torrent turns Doosan orange. The new DX350LC-7, together with a Doosan fleet consisting of two further crawler excavators, two articulated dump trucks and a wheel loader, are engaged in the cleaning and safety operations of 4,000 linear meters of the river bed, compromised following the forest catastrophe caused by the "Tempesta Vaia" of 2018.

This is the first DX350LC-7 series 7 in Italy, sold by DMO, exclusive importer Doosan and Bobcat for Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Lombardy in the provinces of Milan, Cremona, Mantua, Lodi, Pavia, Varese, Monza and Brianza.

The Mingotti T. company asked  DMO for the sale and rental of the machines necessary for the work, contracted by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The operations concern the defrosting of the But torrent (UD), from the confluence with the Tagliamento in Cercivento (Municipalities of Sutrio, Paluzza and Cercivento), the repair of the hydraulic works damaged by the flood of the torrent, the bank defenses and the re-profiling of the riverbed. The new Doosan crawler excavator has proven to be the ideal choice for moving 200,000 cubic meters of arid material in the riverbed and laying over 5,000 tons of cliff boulders for the construction and repair of embankments.

"The DX350LC-7 represents our latest purchase." says Francesco Mingotti, technical director of Mingotti T. Srl, "Over the years we appreciated Doosan's attention to consumption, reaching today with the new DX350LC-7 with Doosan engine, at an average of 19 liters / h, one of the lower values than competitors, compared to excellent production efficiency. In the But river site we considered the movement of about 250 cubic meters more per day and the savings of about 38 liters / day of fuel compared to others valued competitors."

DX350LC-7 strenght, productivity and environmental protection

The DX350LC-7 crawler excavator is the first Stage V model equipped with the innovative Doosan D-ECOPOWER technology that improves productivity, offers more regular control of the machine and reduces fuel consumption. Nine sensors electronically detect the hydraulic flow required at the moment, delivering it precisely. This ensures greater efficiency compared to constant fixed flow systems and therefore guarantees cost savings and respect for the environment.

To ensure compliance with Stage V anti-pollution requirements, the new DX350LC-7 excavator mounts the latest generation of the Doosan DL08 diesel engine, delivering 209kW of power at 1800 rpm, which boasts extremely low emissions and reduces the environmental impact. Its exhaust gases are purified through a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

With a power of 209 Kw for 36 tons of operating weight, the new DX350LC-7 guarantees an increase in power, robustness and uptime. Arm and rocker arm have been strengthened to withstand strong stresses, the undercarriage has upper rollers in deep tempered forged steel, oil lubricated rollers, heat treated drive wheels, long lasting chains lubricated and machined with deep tempering heat treatment.

Already excellent in terms of space and ergonomics, the new DX350LC-7 cab further improves operator comfort and ease of use to unprecedented levels. In addition to the new high-quality seat, the new cab offers even more standard equipment than other machines on the market such as the intuitive 8 "touchscreen display and 360 ° cameras that ensure complete panoramic visibility around the machine.

DMO and Mingotti T.

Mingotti T. Srl company, active in the construction industry in Friuli Venezia Giulia for three generations, has been operating for over 50 years in earth moving, in particular in the hydraulic protection of the area and in the construction of infrastructures.

"We have been relying on DMO for many years, both for the purchase of machinery and for rental," says Francesco Mingotti. "There are several Doosan machines in our fleet, including the brand new DX350LC-7 excavator, all regularly maintained by the authorized DMO workshop. Year after year we have gained confidence in the Doosan brand and in the DMO itself which has always proved to be a reliable dealer. The efficiency of technical assistance is particularly appreciated, which for us is an important added value."

DMO Spa is a reality born from years of passionate commitment and experience of the founder Gabriele Silvagni in the earth moving sector. DMO immediately believed in the Bobcat brand and in the potential of an expanding group like Doosan which today offers a range of excavators ranging from 10 to 800 ql, in addition to a complete line of wheel loaders that meet the needs of the market and Articulated dump trucks that are the result of 40 years of experience. In addition to the sale and rental, DMO offers a spare parts service and all-round assistance.

"I am proud to work for DMO Spa, a dealer who has made the history of earthmoving," says Giulio Venturini, sales manager for Friuli Venezia Giulia. "Thanks to a complete product portfolio, DMO is able to satisfy any customer need both in terms of sale and rental, with a circulating fleet invested for the fleet of Euro 18 million. It was a great satisfaction for me to be able to sell to a loyal customer, the first DX350LC-7 in Italy. The choice of Mingotti Srl was dictated by the awareness of the seriousness and strength of Doosan products. With the new 7 series the machines have truly achieved an excellent degree of reliability, hydraulic precision and comfort."

The DX350LC-7 excavator has fully met expectations, proving to be up to the requirements and creating excellent conditions for future sales throughout Italy.