Doosan Parts Book Mobile Application is now upgraded!

Amid a fast-changing market environment, Doosan is promoting diversification and improvement of our customer solutions for technological advancement. In this regard, we launched the ‘Doosan Parts Book Mobile Application (App)’ last year, which in March this year has been upgraded to a new version to include various new features such as “Request for Quotation.”

Maximized User Convenience:

  • A “Save for later” feature for the items in the shopping cart and a real-time quotation request / feedback are new features that have been added
  • The “Favourite dealers” feature is now available to list the dealers the user mainly deals with
  • A hyperlink to allow quick and easy access to accurate information on parts is now being offered. (Once a material number is selected on a drawing, a direct link to the part with the matching parts number on the parts list is provided)

Easy Accessibility:

  • Data provided in the application can be viewed offline if downloaded in advance
  • The application can be used with the same login information on different mobile devices, i.e. the user can use the application in a new mobile device with the same login information as he did on their old device

Prompt Update of Information:

  • A real-time update system allows a prompt check to be made on accurate information on parts. (Provides up-to-date parts information in real time along with compatibility information)

The new features: “Real-time quotation request” and “Favourite dealers” will enhance communication between dealers and customers, allowing the mobile application to eventually become one of the sales channels that draw potential customers to the dealers and support sales.

Learn more about the Doosan Mobile Parts Book App by watching this video.

Download Mobile App: