Doosan Launches New DX1000LC-7 100 tonne Excavator

Heavy Duty Applications

All components and assemblies are designed, built and tested to ensure durability in the heavy duty applications undertaken using the DX1000LC-7. Multi-stage filters and features such as track guards and cylinder guards for the boom and arm, the auto grease system and greased and sealed track links are designed to provide superior reliability and a long service life. The DX1000LC-7 is easy to maintain, further reducing downtime to a minimum.

Like all Doosan excavators, much attention has been given to operator comfort and safety. The DX1000LC-7 has a new, very spacious operator cab, equipped with ergonomic controls and instrumentation.

Highest Power Stage V Engine in its Class

The DX1000LC-7 excavator is powered by the new stage V version of the well-proven Perkins 2806J diesel engine, providing a high power output of 469 kW (629 HP), more than any other machine in this class. The engine meets Stage V emission regulations by utilising exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalyst reduction, diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter (DPF) after-treatment technologies.

The DPF automatically regenerates every 25 hours and the excavator continues to work unaffected during this regeneration phase. The operator can check the status of the DPF via the display on the gauge panel in the cab.

Highest Hydraulic Flow in 100 t Class

The high output of the engine is combined with a Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) hydraulic system (D-ECOPOWER+), and controlled by electric manipulator (FEH) providing a best-in-class hydraulic flow of (3x 523) - 1569 l/min and a high system pressure of 360 bar, together contributing to the best performance in the 100 tonne market.

Choice of Boom and Swing Modes

To provide optimized operations when working with the DX1000LC-7 excavator, the operator can switch between two modes - Boom or Swing - giving priority to boom or swing movements, respectively, so they can best match how they are using the machine to the application they are working on.

Maximum Uptime

Complementing the class-leading performance, the DX1000LC-7 is also designed for maximum uptime on site with proven, high quality, durable components such as Bosch Rexroth MCV and Main Pump systems, a Doosan Mottrol swing device and a very robust Berco undercarriage.

The DX1000LC-7 features a new heavy duty front end with a total of two different front combinations possible based on 7.2 m short and 8.4 m long booms. The counterweight design has been changed to include a horizontal mounting system in the DX1000LC-7, which is easy to assemble/disassemble and has better durability.