Doosan Infracore Wins Orders for More than 220 Construction Machines from Emerging Countries

  • Orders from countries in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Full efforts to secure customers despite the market downturn.
  • Continued large orders from new customers.

The company is off to a good start at the beginning of the new year as it has succeeded in winning large orders from various emerging countries.

Doosan Infracore announced on February 8 that it had signed contracts to sell a total of 221 construction machines in countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America this year.

The company won an order for a total of 50 mid- to large-sized excavators—including 30 DX340LC and 20 DX480LC models—from a local construction company that won the runway expansion project by Hong Kong International Airport. In Thailand, Doosan Infracore signed a large supply contract for a total of 38 excavators and wheel loaders from a mine development and civil construction company that had used products from global competitors. Doosan Infracore is continuing its business expansion in Asia by winning an order for 20 mini excavators from a dairy company in Vietnam.

The orders continued in the Middle East as well. On January 25, Doosan Infracore received an order for 27 excavators and wheel loaders from a mining company in Oman. Doosan Infracore has recently been receiving large orders from the Middle East, signing a contract to supply 35 excavators to a large construction company in Qatar in December last year and 54 to a Turkish equipment rental company in October. In September last year, Doosan Infracore received an order for 10 large 50-ton excavators from a construction company in Saudi Arabia.

Doosan Infracore has received orders from Morocco and Egypt in Africa, too. On January 23, it signed an order contract for 35 excavators and wheel loaders with a Moroccan company. The local company that signed the contract is a large construction company that is actively conducting business in Northern and Western Africa and one of Doosan Infracore’s major customers owning more than 300 Doosan products. Doosan Infracore received an order for 35 wheel loaders for various agricultural projects led by a government department in Egypt as well. The government department currently owns more than 100 Doosan Infracore construction machines.

Doosan Infracore is steadily securing large customers in Africa, having received an order for 20 excavators to be used in gold mines from a mining company in Ghana last December.

Moreover, Doosan Infracore is actively penetrating the Latin American market. It received an order for a total of 16 excavators and wheel loaders from a Colombian construction company and a rental company last month.

“The new orders are the result of our efforts to foster dealers and develop the market even in the midst of the market slump caused by the spread of COVID-19. We plan to accelerate our efforts to enhance our brand image in emerging markets and expand sales volume and market share accordingly as the market situation improves,” said Jeong Kwan-hee, Managing Director for sales in emerging markets of Doosan Infracore.