Third Generation on Board at Anema Arum

We are happy to inform you of the new developments at Machinehandel Anema & Zn. B.V. A structural change took place at the end of 2020, whereby the third generation of Anema became co-entrepreneur.

Almer Anema, the third Anema generation, has now been closely involved in the company for the past six years and has already held various positions there. From 2014 onwards he has developed himself with the same passion and drive as his father to continue the company together with Siep Anema in 2020, and form a solid base for a future as Doosan Distributor in the Netherlands.

As of December 30, 2020, Machinehandel Anema & Zn. B.V. therefore continues as a Partnership Firm, under the name 'Anema Arum VOF'.

This change in structure will of course also affect our relationship with Doosan. Agreements will have to be adapted to the changed structure. The attached organizational chart provides an overview of the new structure.

Machinehandel Anema & Zn. B.V. will transfer all assets and liabilities to the newly established company Anema Arum VOF on December 30th, 2020. From that date on, all activities will take place in Anema Arum VOF.

Please contact Anema Arum VOF if you need more information.