Doosan Netherlands Dealer Develops Electric Excavators

Veghel-based Staad B.V., the official importer and dealer for the Doosan construction equipment range in central and southern Netherlands, has developed two new innovative electric machines based on original Doosan DX300LC-5 and DX19 models. The new DX300LC Electric 32.3 tonne crawler excavator and DX19 Electric 2.1 tonne mini-excavator are completely emission-free, but provide the same high productivity as that of the conventionally powered Doosan machines.

DX300LC Electric

The DX300LC Electric is powered by a 145 kW electric motor and the system has a high voltage of 650V, resulting in fewer losses and more efficient battery use. Each battery pack has a capacity of 130 kWh and as the machine contains three exchangeable battery packs, there is a combined power of 390 kWh. This gives the DX300LC Electric a useful working time of 8 hours.

As the battery packs are exchangeable and the machine can work on a single pack, the DX300LC Electric can therefore be used all day on site. The exchangeable battery packs allow recharging wherever needed without the need to reposition the machine. Exchanging a battery pack takes no more time than topping up the fuel tank.

DX19 Electric

The DX19 Electric has a 15 kW electric motor, a system voltage of 350 V and an available battery capacity of 32 kWh. This is also a high voltage system resulting in fewer losses and more efficient battery use.

The battery can be charged via a Type II HV connector and the 6.6 kW on-board charger. This means the Doosan DX19 Electric can simply be recharged from a domestic power socket, in less than 12 hours. Faster charging is possible, but requires a higher rated 380 V power supply. The following charge times are possible: 3 hours @ 380 V / 63 A, 6 hours @ 380 V / 32 A or 12 hours @ 220 V / 16 A. With a fully charged battery, the machine can work for 8 hours.

At this point in time, the new electric excavators are only available in the Netherlands through Staad B.V.