Doosan DX300LC-5 Adds 20-30% More Output at Mítov Quarry

Fast Cargo s.r.o. is a family company based in Přeštice near Pilsen in the Czech Republic, offering services in recycling, demolition and the sale and extraction of construction aggregates. The last of these areas is an important part of the business and takes place at the company’s Mítov quarry, where Fast Cargo has reported a great return on investment for a new Doosan DX300LC-5 30 tonne crawler excavator added to the machinery fleet at the quarry.

There are substantial demands on machinery at the Mítov quarry with over 150,000 tonne of stone extracted annually and 900 tonne of materials moved every day. After the previous excavator broke down irreparably, around five brands were shortlisted for the competitive tender to replace this machine and the contest was won by the DX300LC-5 supplied by GARNEA, the Authorised Dealer for the Doosan range in the Czech Republic. According to Fast Cargo, the Doosan DX300LC-5 has provided the higher capacity and efficiency the company was hoping for from a new 30 tonne excavator.

"Since we bought the machine, it has worked for over 1400 hours without a single problem," says Lukáš Kindl, CEO of Fast Cargo. He adds: "Aspects such as the service provided by GARNEA, the dealer's excellent approach, the low fuel consumption and fast delivery were all important in the purchase decision for the Doosan machine."

Fast Cargo has also highlighted the following advantages that the Doosan DX300LC-5 excavator has provided:

  • Thanks to the 1.8 m3 quarrying bucket on the new machine, the company has been able to increase the hourly extraction rate by about 20-30% compared to the excavator replaced by the DX300LC-5.
  • The DX300LC-5 has a very low fuel consumption - even in the heavy operations at the Mítov quarry, it is only 11 to 12 litres per hour. Drivers also report that inside the DX300LC-5 is very comfortable and quiet to operate.
  • Good service and the dealer's approach are seen by Fast Cargo as essential to the successful cooperation needed to deliver the new machine and GARNEA’s speedy response allowed Fast Cargo to quickly overcome the failure of the original machine.

Optimum customer satisfaction is the top priority at Doosan and is complemented by the on-site support provided by Doosan experts, including Stephane Dieu, Product Manager for Doosan Infracore Europe, who is a regular visitor to the Mítov quarry.

Introducing the Doosan range, Stephane Dieu said: “The DX300LC-5 is a 30 tonne excavator offering an impressive 270 HP of engine power and a hydraulic flow of 500 litres per hour. It is part of the wide range of excavators from Doosan from 1 to 80 tonne. The company is one of the five largest manufacturers of excavators in the world.

“We offer some of the lowest costs per tonne and highest productivity, based on the cost of the machine and the fuel and maintenance costs. As shown by the high performance of the DX300LC-5 at Mítov quarry, I believe Fast Cargo made the right choice of machine.“

Lukáš Kindl, CEO of Fast Cargo, concurs: "I agree that it was a good decision to choose the Doosan machine. We are very satisfied and we will definitely continue to work closely with GARNEA and Doosan."