Doosan Infracore introduces a “transparent bucket” wheel loader allowing drivers to see blind spots in front of the bucket

Doosan Infracore announced on March 1 that it has introduced the industry’s first “transparent bucket” mounted wheel loader.

The transparent bucket is a system that allows the wheel loader driver to see blind spots in front of the bucket through the monitor in the cockpit. The innovative system records images in front of the wheel loader with cameras installed at the top and bottom of the equipment and shows combined images in real time using a curved projection method.

The front of the wheel loader has been considered an area prone to major safety issue due to its blind spots. With the transparent bucket function, however, the driver can easily check the blind spot in front of the bucket through the monitor and prevent safety accidents. Another advantage is that it can significantly improve work efficiency by enabling a forward-view perspective during loading/unloading or when carrying soil and sand.

Doosan Infracore is the world’s first to develop and apply a front projection function with the transparent bucket for construction machines and has applied for patents in Korea, North America, Europe, and China. The company has also exhibited this technology and received favorable reviews at the CES 2020 held in Las Vegas last year.

The company has also installed various cutting-edge safety systems to its construction equipment such as the around view monitor (AVM) system that can monitor the equipment’s surroundings, and a rear warning system using ultrasonic sensors, receiving favorable responses from customers.

A Doosan Infracore official mentioned, “As construction safety standards have been significantly reinforced, advanced safety systems have become a key option in selecting equipment. We plan to continue developing functions that can protect drivers and nearby workers, and become leaders in creating construction sites that are safe and accident-free”.