Doosan’s 2022 roadshow in France

As part of Doosan’s Tour de France (February to April 2022) to present its first 10-tonne wheeled excavator: the DX100W-7 in partnership with its dealers; customers and partners of the different dealers had the opportunity to discover, during a very friendly open day, the new machine. A journalist, Christophe Lajoie, who was present at one of the stages of the tour tested this latest addition to the Doosan wheeled excavator range and was able to write an article based on their experience.

10 tonne to wheel, Doosan has done it! – TP&A Magazine - Christophe Lajoie

Based on a European design, produced in Korea, the new 10 tonne wheeled machine has an in-house 100 hp engine and an articulated boom as standard.

With a low centre of gravity, easy cab access, optional mudguards, 2 steered wheels (4 optional for a 3.7 m turning radius), the DX100W-7 comes standard with an articulated boom and an offset at the base of the boom. The dimensions of the articulated boom are 1890 mm for the lower section, 1880 mm for the middle section and 2250 mm for the dipper.

In the cab, in common with the 6 tonne rubber-tyred model, there is a large control screen, a pneumatic seat, suspended controls and armrests that can be adjusted in several directions. Not to mention improved visibility, even in rainy weather, with a parallel windshield wipers.

This model is well-conceived, quite compact with a rear radius of 1600 mm and a front radius of 1308 mm, low enough to reinforce its stability. And it is dynamic in its movements. It is powered by a 3.4-litre Doosan engine developing around 100 hp. It drives two separate hydraulic pumps, one providing 200 l/min for the equipment and the other 112 l/min for the transmission. In France, it is equipped with a front blade and two stabilizers at the rear independent of each other. The engine soundproofing is a record on this model with a sound level of 98 dBA (three times less than on larger excavators). It is available with 2 different tyre mounts. As standard, a double tyre mount with 8.25-20-12PR tyres. As an option, there is a single mount with 500/45-10 tyres. Its speed is 35 km/h.

Moulded counterweight

Special attention has been paid by the Korean engineers on providing easy access from the ground to the main maintenance points. These are located at the rear of the machine. They are accessible through large covers directly from the counterweight. The counterweight itself is made of a single piece of casting (with a weight of 1350 kg). The engine is positioned well back and is equally easy to access, with a large door that opens in the middle of the counterweight.

"We expect this new model to be a great success. It fills a gap in our range of wheeled excavators between 6 t and 14 t. We are counting in the first year on sales of about sixty units. That's between 10 and 12% of the wheeled excavator market. This is the same as our market share for excavators in France," explains Yann Aimé, who oversees part of the network.

This model is already very popular in the UK, Scandinavia, France and Korea.