Doosan Confirms Details for Five New Compact Wheel Loaders

Following the signing of an exclusive supply agreement with Netherlands-based Tobroco-Giant, Doosan has confirmed the details of the new five model range of 3.5 to 5 tonne compact wheel loaders now available from the company. Comprising the DL60-7, DL65-7, DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7 models, the new Doosan compact wheel loaders cover a wide range of applications, including construction, agriculture, earthmoving, waste/recycling, rental, builders merchants, landscaping, materials handling, warehousing and general industry.

Power and Productivity

The DL60-7 and DL65-7 are driven by a Stage V engine providing 48.5 kW (66 HP) of power at 1600 RPM. The Stage V engine in the DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7 provides 55 kW (75 HP) of power at 1500 RPM.

Electronic driving control ensures high driving comfort and precision and increases the thrust on the machines. In addition, various travel modes are available. The top speed in the DL60-7 and DL65-7 is 30 km/h, whilst the DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7 have a travel speed of 35 km/h.

As well as the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive and automotive control (Rexroth), the new Doosan compact wheel loaders feature a 100% differential lock on both axles, always providing plenty of traction, a lot of pulling force and smooth movement.

Comfort and Safety

The operator can focus on the job at hand thanks to the comfort and safety features in the cab, such as a premium, air-suspended seat as standard, the adjustable steering column and DAB radio. Air conditioning is also an option on all the models. In addition, all necessary information can easily be read from the gauge panel.

Truly Multipurpose

Thanks to an optional tandem pump, a double-acting spool valve in the rear, and up to three double-acting spool valves on the lift arm, the user always has enough hydraulic power at their fingertips for even the most demanding attachments and applications. A High Flow option for up to 121 l/min is also available for the DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7 models.

To suit a truly wide range of applications, Doosan compact wheel loaders are equipped with three types of kinematics to suit preferences:

- Z-bar arm to ensure high breakout force and excellent loading heights (DL60-7 and DL80-7).

- Pull-bar arm for a lower front frame and higher lifting capacities (DL65-7 and DL85-7).

- Telescopic arm to provide maximum lifting height and reach (DL80TL-7)