New Doosan DX210W-7 Cuts a Fine Figure in the Forest


Having to operate in forest conditions requires equipment with high performance and flexibility that demand a lot from both the operator and their machine. Precision and power are equally important, and the demands on the equipment used are correspondingly high.

This is precisely why the choice was not difficult for forestry contractor, Harald Kaltenbach from Müllheim in Germany, who added a new converted Doosan DX210W-7 wheeled excavator to his fleet earlier this year. The Doosan dealer, Ummenhofer from Pfullendorf/Schönau, supplied the Doosan machine, with the purchase and conversion for use in the forest being carried out by the engineering company, Wirkstoff Technik from Bodman.

Good Arguments

The new forestry excavator had to fulfill a demanding task profile: including delimbing, measuring and sorting the trees, plus pulling the felled trees from the stand and stacking them on the side of forest roads. Thomas Firner, Managing Director of Wirkstoff Technik, recommended the Doosan DX210W-7 (incorporating an articulated boom with blade and outriggers) for the job: "Doosan machines are very well suited for conversion and thus adaptation to individual requirements. The DX210W-7 also scores with a modern design that is both clean and clearly organized. In addition to all the functional advantages, Doosan also offers top service.”

Performance that Convinces

Firner also cites the robust and well-dimensioned hydraulics of the excavator as another feature in its favour. Harald Kaltenbach agrees: "The combination of the high-torque six-cylinder engine and the high hydraulic performance, combined with the excellent price-performance ratio, convinced us."

The converted forestry excavator has more than proved itself ‘on the job’. Harald Kaltenbach is very positive: "The entire machine makes a very robust, high-quality impression. It is very convincing in action. Advice and handling of the purchase and conversion was also top notch.”

Ummenhofer Baumaschinen

Ummenhofer Baumaschinen GmbH, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Pfullendorf, currently employs 25 people, four of whom work in sales and 14 in service. In 2019, Ummenhofer opened a new branch in Schönau.