Doosan Has Launched New 4x4 DA45-7 ADT

One of several world premieres from Doosan at Bauma 2022 was the launch of the company’s new 4x4 articulated dump truck (ADT). Complementing the company’s standard, market-leading range of 6x6 ADT models, the new 4x4 version of the DA45-7 ADT is intended to compete with rigid dump trucks (RDTs) in the 40-tonne class.

The new 4x4 DA45-7 ADT complements the current market-leading range of Stage V compliant 6x6 ADTs from Doosan, which includes the DA30-7 and DA45-7 models with payloads of 28 and 41 tonne, respectively.

In the new 4x4 ADT, the front truck and cab unit is the same as in the original 6x6 model, with modifications being made on the rear dumper unit only. Featuring a ZF EP8-420 transmission, the 4x4 DA45-7 is a two-axle ADT with twin wheels at the rear, and with a dumper section similar to that on RDTs in the 40-tonne class.

Superior Performance in Difficult Conditions Compared to RDTs

“With superior operation on poorer roads, smoother surfaces and steeper terrain, the aim of our new 4x4 machine is to challenge RDTs in the 40-tonne class, by providing a dumper product that delivers much more than RDTs,” says Beka Nemstsveridze, ADT Product Manager at Doosan.

As well as performing better in conditions that are tough for RDTs, the new 4x4 DA45-7 ADT has a width of less than 4 m to avoid the need for special transportation and offers a better turning radius than a comparable RDT. The shorter turning radius and the design of the rear dumper unit, which is more suited to carrying flat and heavy rocks, provide particular advantages in the mining and tunnelling industries.

The advantages of the New 4x4 DA45-7 ADT:

  • The 4x4 ADT can climb up bigger inclinations than equivalent RDTs
  • The 4x4 ADT performs better than RDTs in wet and slippery conditions
  • In heavy rain, RDTs may need to stop working - Doosan’s 4x4 ADT does not
  • Thanks to the short turning radius, the 4x4 ADT operates effectively on compact sites
  • The two axle 4x4 ADT design causes less ground disturbance than 6x6 configurations

The new 4x4 DA45-7 ADT has been developed at the Doosan ADT plant located in Elnesvågen, near Molde in Norway. As well as the advantages detailed above, the new Doosan Stage V 4x4 ADT provides excellent load carrying performance, fuel efficiency, enhanced controllability and high operator comfort, together with improved reliability, durability and reduced maintenance and servicing costs.