DEVELON Commitment to Germany & Central Europe

We are happy to inform you that to further strengthen our position in the industry and demonstrate our commitment to growth of the DEVELON brand, HD Hyundai Infracore Deutschland GmbH has become a member of the following associations:

Membership in VDBUM

The Verband der Baubranche, Umwelt- und Maschinentechnik e.V. (VDBUM) is the most prominent association in our industry. The official announcement of our DEVELON membership by the association is scheduled for August 2023. In the autumn, it is planned to have a strategic meeting to align the next steps of the new cooperation.




Membership in the German Demolition Association

The German Demolition Association is the most important economic and entrepreneurial association in the demolition sector since 1951 and is the largest national association of the demolition sector in Europe.




Membership in both associations gives us the opportunity to:

- Increase brand awareness by engaging with a broader audience and showcasing DEVELON solutions.

- Be part of major decisions and have a voice in discussions where important matters are deliberated upon.