DEVELON: Ground-breaking ceremony at new Mannheim site

On Tuesday, 5th September 2023, work on the new DEVELON site in Mannheim began with the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony.

CEO Mr. Seunghyun Oh and other management representatives of HD Hyundai Infracore from the headquarters in South Korea, CEO Mr. Alexander Adler and Mr. Adler senior from the project developer, Adler Immobilien Investment, representatives from the city of Mannheim and further project participants were present to mark the start of work on the new building for DEVELON, to increase the company’s presence in Europe. The significance of the event was underlined by CEO Seunghyun Oh announcing a more intensive, long-term commitment of his company in Germany, pointing out that an exciting journey is now beginning for DEVELON.

Business operations began a few months ago in Mannheim, with DEVELON now positioned much closer to customers - visit us here at: Develon Deutschland (