Develon Wins Two Honours at CES 2024 Innovation Awards

Develon, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has won honours in two of the categories in the CES 2024 Innovation Awards to be announced during the CES 2024 Exhibition, the world’s largest electronics trade show, being held in Las Vegas in Nevada, USA from 9th-12th of January 2024.

In the first category - Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility - Develon presented ‘Smart Collision Mitigation with Sensor Fusion’.

Smart Collision Mitigation (SCM) is an active safety system that detects objects around an excavator through Sensor Fusion of camera and radar. The excavator is equipped with four or more cameras to provide a 360-degree All Around View. Using AI technology, it can selectively detect people or objects.

In addition, three wide-angle radar sensors with 180-degree horizontal field of view (FOV) are used to minimize blind spots and accurately measure the distance of detected objects. When a pedestrian or an object is detected within the warning/danger zone, visual/audible warnings are activated, and the swing and driving speed on the excavator are reduced and then automatically stopped to actively prevent accidents.

Develon is the first construction equipment manufacturer in the world to use fusion technology to supplement a machine’s cameras and radars. Adding fusion technology greatly elevates accuracy in detecting obstacles and distance from equipment compared to machines with a single sensor.

Develon’s X-Agent system was honoured in the second category - Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps. X-Agent is a solution that improves the productivity and skill of drivers of excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks.

X-Agent has an AI function that comprehensively analyses information such as driver/equipment status and work plan to create an optimised route to improve the productivity of unskilled workers by about 30%. Also, for remote control using vision information, it extracts meta information based on the networks and sends minimum information even in an incomplete network environment (2G, 3G). This allows smooth remote operation. As a product optimized for complex mechanical work, it can save on labour, be environment-friendly, and save about 15% in energy.

Develon’s advanced technologies portfolio will be a prominent feature of the company’s stand at the Intermat Fair in Paris in April 2024, as part of a display under the theme of ‘Powered by Innovation’, including the first demonstration in Europe of the Develon Concept-X 2.0 autonomous construction equipment solution.