Always Your Safest and Best Choice, Develon Genuine Parts

All Genuine Parts of Develon are specifically designed and manufactured for Develon equipment. Develon Genuine Parts are always the safest and the best choice.

PDC Introduction

HDIEU Part Distribution Centers are located in Germany and UK to support dealers and customers in European regions promptly.

The warehouse for heavy stocks over 70,000 items and it has over 14,000 m² as the storage area. Our warehouse workers are dedicated to ensuring efficient full-service parts operation at 2 shift operation, from receiving to picking up, packing and shipment. Also, our team is proactively working to ensure customer satisfaction.

Develon Genuine Parts

From filters to the counterweight, all Develon genuine parts are specifically designed and manufactured for Develon equipment.

The use of genuine parts extends the lifetime of equipment and guarantees stable and constant operations with the exceptional quality of parts.


Develon Genuine Oil is the sole product certified by Develon. Caring your precious machine with Develon Genuine Oil which provides the best quality and reliability.

  • Better detergency to minimize fouling
  • Suitable with very low sulfur (10 ppm) and also high sulfur (50 ppm) content fuels
  • Designed to fully meet the requirement of engines fitted with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve to reduce emissions of NOx (Nitrogen Oxides)
  • Superior protection against corrosion caused by acidic by-products of the combustion process


Develon Genuine Filter is specifically designed and developed to your machine. It will provide your machine and components longer life through reliable protection.

  • Excellent DHC(Dust Holding Capacity) and stable filtration performance
  • Optimized design for Develon machine and proven quality from harsh testing conditions
  • Longer lifespan with extensive filtering area
  • Maximize machine up-time and increase productivity


Develon Genuine GET gives you more productivity and profitability with specialized design according to application and work condition.

  • Application centric and robust design by DEVELON
  • Superior heat treatment and rigorous quality control system
  • High abrasion resistance material used for extra durability (HD/XD)


Develon undercarriage will provide you with consistent product quality & reliability, lower cost per hour.

Track Links & Shoes

  • Special heat treatment for long life
  • Con Rod designated to optimize Develon Engine can provide high efficiency and high performance.


  • Manufactured for increased wear life
  • Special heat treatment provides excellent wear life and ensures maximum component performance.


  • Designed for maximum wear resistance
  • Develon idler applied for induction hardening gives superior structural strength and wear resistance.


  • Special heat treatment for more wears life
  • Excellent surface and core hardness provide longer wear life, lowering operating cost.

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