Leica and Trimble Ready kits now available

Doosan Infracore Europe has introduced Leica and Trimble 3D ready kits for 14-30 tonne excavators from EUCUP.The kits include all the components required to make sure a machine is ready for the installation of a Leica or Trimble 3D system at a later date. As a result, lead times on machines can be reduced and it also lowers workloads in dealer/customer workshops.

The other advantage is that the systems are fitted by trained stuff at EUCUP (Doosan Customization Centre) so it is an integrated and professional process.

This option gives a customer flexibility as they are not obliged to install the complete 3D system straight away. The machine will have the main brackets, wires and sensors installed in readiness for the rest of the 3D system to be added at any time later.

There are some differences in the 3D ready kits available, as shown in the table below.

Doosan 3D ready kits
  System Leica iCON Leica iCON Trimble GCS900 Trimble GCS900
Boom type mono articulated mono articulated
Sensors + bracket + cables Boom 1 x x X x
Boom 2 n/a x n/a x
Arm x x X x
Bucket x x X x
Pitch & Roll x x X x
bracket + cable bracket + cable for GPS mast     X x
bracket Display bracket in the cab     X x
cables Cables for display x x X x
cables + box Power supply x x X x
component + cable Radio/modem antenna x x n/a n/a
bracket + cable Bracket and cable for radio n/a n/a X x
bracket + cable SNM940 mounting bracket n/a n/a X x
Available for machine range from EUCUP 14t-30t 14t-30t


1. Who do I call for warranty?
In the case of Leica components, it is Leica. For Trimble, Doosan dealers should contact Doosan. Doosan and Trimble will handle the warranty and supply replacement parts appropriately. In the case of installation failures/welding etc, contact Doosan.

2. What is the main difference between the Leica and Trimble ready kits?
Trimble includes brackets for the GPS mast and a display bracket. Leica does not.

3. Do the systems require any more welding during installation of the complete system?
For Leica, it may be required if the dealer decides to install a GPS mast, but GPS antenna can also be installed on the bolt-on brackets on the hand rails.

4. Do the kits require that more drilling is needed during installation of the complete system?
They should not – the remaining components should be bolted on to pre-installed brackets or in the case of Leica, the remaining components will be installed on magnetic brackets.

5. Is a 3D ready system also 2D ready?
Leica is not – there are different sensors for 2D and 3D
It is possible to use a Trimble 2D or 3D system with the Trimble option. The Trimble option does not include a laser catcher on the stick . If your customer requires a Trimble laser catcher, this can be purchased from your local SITECH dealer. Trimble and Doosan are working together on a Trimble Ready option for Trimble Earthworks, we expect the option to available sometime in 2019.

6. Who do I contact in case of any questions regarding 3D ready kits pre-installed by Doosan?
Contact the PM team – Adrian Winnicki (ADT Product Manager adrian.winnicki@doosan.com)

7. Who will do the calibration of the complete system?
Final installation and calibration will be done by the Leica sales unit/Sitech either at the Doosan Dealer or at the end customer. Leica/Sitech do all the work and follow-up with the customer.

8. What is the order process for customers to buy an add-on system ?
The process is the following: the local Doosan Dealer can order the add-on system from the Leica sales unit/Sitech and charge it to the end customer. Alternatively, Doosan customers can deal directly and buy the add-on system from the Leica selling unit or Sitech.