Get Ready for Christmas with DOOSAN!

Christmas is Just around the corner so why not use your Doosan Fan Store account to give some Christmas gifts to your customers? From the cute Doosan plush toys and new scale models to the Doosan vest and a variety of gadgets - you can pick a perfect item for you and your customers.
The 10% DISCOUNT PROMOCODE: X1YGE8VA is valid for all orders placed up to and including 10.12.2019.

This year was the first whole year for our new Doosan Fan Store e-shop. We know that there are so many items that are needed but are still missing from the selection and we will try very hard next year to add as many of them as possible so you can use them to support your businesses. We are preparing some great things and dozens and dozens of new products for 2020.

These are a few merchandise items that will make a perfect Christmas gift:

  1. FC Viktoria Plzen Football DOOSAN Jersey


  2. The best Doosan bear plush ever! In 2 sizes with 2 different t-shirts!


  3. A premium metal pen as a gift for customers


  4. A premium business laptop bag and backpack. Just a few of them are left for 2019, so be quick!


  5. Doosan Grey/Black and Black/Orange caps


  6. Scale models

    Check out the whole section at: