New DOOSAN DX230WMH-5 Material Handler

We are happy to introduce you to our new DX230WMH-5 Material Handler – a Doosan wheeled excavator built specifically for material handling.

The DX230WMH-5 has two arm cylinders for extra balance and a more stable arm to lessen movement in attachments such as grapples. The maximum pin height is 11.7 m, the maximum operating reach is 10.1 m and the maximum working depth is 4.2 m.

Another special feature is the elevating cab, which provides excellent visibility and high flexibility. Easily accessed from ground level, the cab height can be adjusted by the operator to a maximum of 2.5 m for better visibility during operation. The operator can adjust the elevating cab from their position inside the cab, with an emergency lowering lever installed at the rear of the seat in the cab.

We can provide a range of options such as undercarriage variants, straight arms, solid tyres and FOGS as well as different attachments to match customers’ applications and to enhance productivity.

For more details, please contact your Regional Manager.