New 22 t DX210W-7 Stage V Wheeled Excavator from Doosan

Doosan has launched the new 21.9 tonne DX210W-7 Stage V compliant wheeled excavator. The mono boom version of the DX210W-7 has a standard 4.0 tonne counterweight and the articulated excavator has a 3.2 tonne counterweight as standard.
Optional counterweights of 4.5 tonne and 4.0 tonne are available for the straight and articulated models, respectively. With the optional heavier counterweights, the DX210W-7 is particularly suited for working with heavier attachments such as tiltrotators.

A Wide Array of New Features

There is a new Tiltrotator Mode on the control panel in the DX210W-7, which can be selected to ensure an optimized hydraulic flow and helps to maximize the accuracy of tiltrotator work by eliminating back pressure.
This new tiltrotator mode is a special two-way flow mode, but it is managed by the EPOS like a one way flow mode, with direct return to the tank in each direction, to avoid back pressure and increase flow and controllability.

Like all the new mid-range wheeled excavators from Doosan, the DX210W-7 offers a new smart hydraulic system that offers an improvement of around 30% in attachment work, compared to the previous models.
A priority valve for attachments such as mulchers when using attachment and moving the arm at the same time.

Another standard new feature is the Fine Swing function which minimizes the shaking that a lifted object undergoes at the start or stop of a swing movement with the excavator, to increase operator comfort with smooth movements and to help to protect the safety of nearby workers, whilst preventing damage caused by the object falling from the excavator.

The DX210W-7 has a new upper structure providing the space and durability for the standard and optional heavier counterweights and articulated fronts.
In addition, the DX210W-7 now offers a 2.75 m wide axle as an option, providing 8-9% increased lifting capacity over the side, compared to the standard axle.

The DX210W-7 also incorporates as standard a new lifting eye that forms part of the casting for the push link for the bucket attachment at the end of the arm. The new lifting eye has a maximum capacity of 5 tonne and has a special bush insert to prevent deformation of the lifting hole.

New Operator Assist Features

The state-of-the-art cab on the DX210W-7 excels in terms of spaciousness and ergonomics, taking operator comfort and ease of operation to new levels. Like all the new Doosan medium size wheeled excavators, the DX210W-7 offers as standard the new Auto Digging Brake feature, which automatically holds the service brake in position when the vehicle stops (speed is zero), without the driver having to step on the brake pedal.

Joystick Steering is a new option, enabling the driver to steer the machine by using the joystick thumbwheel (without using the steering wheel) when working and driving in the work mode.

The Load Isolation System (LIS) is another new option that enhances the operator's driving comfort by mitigating the impact transmitted to the front of the machine, when driving off road on uneven and tough terrain.

The cab features as standard a deluxe steering wheel with a chrome plated spoke and logo. The new two spoke wheel design provides increased operator visibility. The steering column also has a new design including an 80 mm telescopic function, which allows the operator to bring the steering wheel closer to them, so that they can find their optimal driving position. In addition, there is a new tilting lever, providing a 15-degree tilt towards the operator, to increase visibility over the top of the steering wheel, when they are doing trenching work, for example. The narrower design of the steering column also contributes to enhanced visibility.

Other key new features in and around the cab include:

  • New 8-inch Doosan Smart Touch screen, giving more information via a 30% larger screen
  • DAB audio (Hands-free calling system and Bluetooth)
  • Keyless start (Doosan Smart Key) & remote door lock/unlock
  • Fully adjustable air suspension seat with heating (with optional cooling function)
  • Parallel wiper system and new design pedals
  • Improved air flow for defrosting and air conditioning
  • 9 x LED work lights as standard
  • 4 more LED lamps as an option
  • AVM - Around View Monitor with 360° cameras (option)
  • Ultrasonic detection of obstacles (option)