Increased Comfort and Controllability on the DX300LC‑7

Already excelling in spaciousness and ergonomics, the upgraded cab in the DX300LC-7 model takes operator comfort and ease of operation to the next level. The enhanced cab offers more features as standard than other machines on the market, ensuring super controllability and high precision in all applications.

Standard features include:

  • Keyless start (Doosan Smart Key) & remote door lock/unlock
  • Parallel wiper system covering a larger window area
  • Operator ID/Password functionality (setting operator authorization to modify parameters)
  • Remote diagnostics functionality
  • New Heating & Cooling seat (cooling is optional)
  • DAB audio + hands-free call system
  • 11 x LED work lights as standard with two more optional
  • AVM – Around View Monitor with 360° cameras (Ultrasonic sensors are optional)

In addition, the newly designed high-quality seat includes a seat belt alarm as standard and offers a ventilation function as an option. The same design is applied to standard and optional seats, but seats with the optional ventilation system have 3-stage heating controls while the standard seat has 2-stage heating controls like before.

The Main Control Valve (MCV) has also been changed to a Doosan Mottrol MCV with no change in performance.

Doosan D-ECOPOWER Technology (VBO)

Doosan’s D-ECOPOWER technology is now employed on the DX300LC-7 - this utilizes an electronic pressure-controlled pump within a closed centre hydraulic system to accomplish up to a 10% improvement in fuel consumption, depending on the power mode selected. A closed centre main control valve minimizes pressure loss, while the electric pressure-controlled pump manages and optimizes engine power more effectively. This new hydraulic system is known as VBO (virtual bleed off) technology and will not only improve the fuel consumption, but also the precision of all the hydraulic movements, when these movements need to be cumulated.