DEVELON: Five at One Go

Convincing performance: André Voß Erdbau und Transport GmbH purchases five Develon wheel loaders with CVT transmission

André Voß Erdbau und Transport GmbH offers its customers a wide range of services in the fields of transport, logistics, disposal and delivery of road construction materials under the motto "We move your ideas". In the recent past, two Develon wheel loaders with CVT transmission and the outstanding service of the dealer ATLAS Rostock had already made an impression on the company. The experience was so positive that the company has now purchased five DL420-7CVT wheel loaders from Develon. The DL420-7CVT uses a CVT (continuously variable transmission), which significantly increases fuel efficiency compared to a machine with a torque converter.

Reliable and efficient

For three years, two wheel loaders of the previous model had already been working in the company for about 2,300 operating hours each per year. Martin Schmidt, Managing Director of André Voß Erdbau & Transport GmbH, is highly satisfied: "The Develon machines work absolutely reliably and with very good fuel efficiency." For example, the average fuel consumption is just 13.4 l/h. "In addition, we have had an absolutely reliable partner in our dealer ATLAS Rostock for many years, on whom we can rely at all times."

One of the main reasons for the machines' excellent fuel efficiency is their CVT transmission. Dirk Mysch, Sales Manager at Develon, explains: "This transmission combines the advantages of a mechanical and hydrostatic transmission and eliminates the disadvantages of both systems. The variable transmission changes continuously from hydrostatic to mechanical drive as the speed increases and depending on the requirements of the application. The advantages of the system include, in particular, the excellent traction offered by a hydrostatic transmission and the ability to drive over longer distances with a purely mechanical one. The fuel savings of up to 30 per cent are due to the lower engine speed required to achieve maximum speed or traction compared to conventional transmissions."iverse range of applications

At the handover of the five new wheel loaders, the atmosphere was relaxed and positive. Representatives of André Voss Erdbau & Transport GmbH, ATLAS Rostock and Develon were present. Martin Schmidt: "It is not an everyday occurrence for us to buy five wheel loaders at once. A very special day - also for us." The company André Voss Erdbau & Transport GmbH has a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from specialist waste disposal company, Europe-wide heavy transports, logistics services to trading in bulk goods. The company has its own terrestrial deposits for the extraction of sands and gravels as well as quay facilities in Stralsund and Wolgast for the delivery of other marine building materials from the Baltic Sea and imports.

Accordingly, the areas of application of the new wheel loaders will also be diverse. Their main tasks: loading trucks, mixing bulk materials, coating crushing plants and direct mining in sand pits.

Trusting partnership

André Voss Erdbau & Transport GmbH and the ATLAS Rostock dealer have enjoyed a trusting partnership for 15 years. Says Schmidt: "A good dealer relationship is almost as important as good machines. With ATLAS Rostock, both are right." The good cooperation is also a result of the deep mutual understanding. And if there should ever be a machine breakdown - which has never been the case with Develon wheel loaders so far - ATLAS Rostock provides a replacement machine immediately so that work can continue quickly.

ATLAS Rostock

ATLAS Rostock GmbH was founded in 1999 by Ulf Hähnlein. The company currently employs 25 people and 3 trainees at the Rostock, Reddelich and Stralsund locations. Ulf Hähnlein, Managing Director ATLAS Rostock: "We provide our customers with a wide range of new and used machines and equipment for sale or rent. In addition, we modify construction machinery according to our customers' project requirements." The dealer's range of services includes, in particular, professional advice, first-class service, 24/7 on-call service and a repair and spare parts service.