Develon Expands Fleet at Romanian Quarry

Develon Europe is thrilled to announce the delivery of one of the company’s DX800LC-7 80 tonne crawler excavators to a quarry in Romania. This addition enhances an already impressive fleet of orange machines, including DX530LC-7 (3) and DX380LC-7 excavators, two DA30-7 articulated dump trucks (ADTs) and DL420-7 (2) and DL380-7 wheel loaders. The quarry's production is booming because it plays a key role as the main supplier of materials for highway construction works taking place nearby.

Following a production study that suggested a DX800LC-7 loading two DA45-7 ADTs would meet new proposed production levels, the DX800LC-7 was the first to be purchased to meet the escalating targets. The DX800LC-7 purchase was also based on operator satisfaction with the performance of the DX530LC-7 excavators, in particular the cabin comfort and the loading speed. Since its deployment, the DX800LC-7 has operated efficiently, boasting an over 90% utilisation rate, working nine hours a day.

In response to its success, the fleet expansion is continuing, with two DA45-7 ADTs and a DL580-7 wheel loader en route.

Develon would like to extend its gratitude to the client for their trust and loyalty, and to the Ircat dealership for their excellent work in securing these deals and the support they provide for this very important customer. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and driving innovation in the quarrying and construction industries.