Sale of the year for ITT Mach10 in Lyon

A great sale for the Lyon outlet of the Spanish Group, ITT Mach10. The dealer has just sold the biggest wheel loader in the Doosan range, a DL580-5 equipped with a 7 m³ bucket. The machine will be used to carry material from the quarry face and load it into the hopper of a rock crusher at one of the Cheval Group’s operations in Drome.

“We are delighted to have found such an important new customer for Doosan’s large site machines in the Rhône-Alpes region. And even more so because this is our first sale to the Cheval Group. It has been a long haul, of course, with many visits to other Doosan users like Delmonico Dorel and to Doosan’s Quarry Days events in the Czech Republic to see exactly what the machine can do,” explains Julien Minisini, Sales Manager for the Rhône-Alpes ITT Mach10 dealer branch.

A detailed approach

After the Doosan model was selected, a detailed study was carried out into conditions at the quarry and the driver’s preferences to determine exactly the right configuration for the machine, with special focus on the bucket and tyres. This focus was chosen because Doosan’s high productivity, top of the range, DL580-5 wheel loader already offered what was required for the job, with enhanced and strengthened loader arms and larger and more powerful cylinders.

Bucket capacity, of course, is just one factor in dictating productivity, along with the rock crusher loading cycle, the density of the material involved, and the machine’s tipping load (material density of 1.91 t/m³ and carrying capacity of 12,767 kg). For this application, the dealer specified a 6.72 m³ bucket with a width of 3400 mm, made by a Doosan subsidiary in Denmark.

On to the tyres

The bucket profile was decided in direct collaboration with the machine’s driver. The type finally proposed by Doosan features the rounded shape preferred by the operator, protective teeth, convex side cutters and a bolt-on, three-part, reversible, straight counter-blade. The bucket was also fitted with spill guards at the top to protect the cylinders. The tyres were selected specifically for the job. Following the advice of Julien Minisini, instead of the original Bridgestone L5 tyres, which are quite solid in nature, the customer chose Goodyear 29.5R25 L4 intermediate tyres offering good resistance to heat build-up and to damage from passing over stony surfaces.

The loader’s engine is a Scania DC13 13 litre unit with an output of 283 kW (380 HP). This particular engine is still a Tier 4 final unit, meaning that it does not have a particulate filter but does have an SCR system with AdBlue® injection and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

Specifications of the new Doosan DL580-5 wheel loader for the Cheval Group


Operating weight
36030 kg
Bucket capacity
6.72 m³
Engine type
Scania DC13
Engine power
283 kW (380 HP) at 1800 RPM
Max. torque at rpm
1765 Nm at 1300 RPM
Breakout force
225 kN
Tipping load
29700/26200 kg
Selected Goodyear tires
29.5 R25 L4
Turning radius (tire edge / bucket edge)
6550/7544 mm
Height to bucket hinge pin
4780 mm