Introducing DX235LCR-7 Crawler Excavator!

Doosan’s DX235LCR-7 is further model in the company’s new generation medium-sized Stage V compliant excavators. This model has a reduced tail swing radius, which makes them ideal for working in the city and in restricted areas, in residential as well as commercial construction. The smallest swing diameter for the DX235LCR-7 is only 4.04 m.

The lifting performance of DX235LCR-7 models is simply outsdanding! Thanks to an optional heavy counterweight, you can easily lift massive objects like pipes and big concrete blocks - whatever your job site requires. To make the machine's maintenance as convenient as possible, we've updated the counterweight design to provide greater service accessability.

On top of that, the "-7" generation of Doosan Excavators allows you to unlock the door remotely and start or stop the engine with the Doosan Smart Key. With just 1 button on the Smart Key, you can also turn on all of the machine's LED lights - model has 8 LED Work Lights as standard: 2 on the boom, 5 body lamps, and 2 additional lights on the cab.

The wide 8" Doosan Smart Touch screen provides easy scrolling through the different menus, and work and power modes that better suit your application. For example, try out our new Fine Swing Mode, which reduces shock at the start and end of any boom movement; and the Attachment Mode, which increases accuracy by enabling smart distribution of hydraulic flow to eliminate back pressure.

Available as an option for DX235LCR-7, a 360° All-around View Camera system maximizes safety at the job site by giving you a full view of the machine’s surroundings.

And finally, thanks to the premium seat's heating - and even an optional cooling - functionality, plus the improved air ventilation, you will enjoy your work regardless of the weather conditions outside.