Develon Creates Maximum Impact at Intermat 2024

Develon made its first appearance at the Intermat Exhibition from 24 to 27 April 2024 in Paris, France, showcasing cutting-edge machinery and digital technology. A demonstration of the company’s Concept-X 2.0 autonomous equipment, featuring the DD100-CX dozer and DX225-CX excavator, was a highlight.

The 2,024 m² booth integrated product demonstrations with static displays, and was based on four pillars - Carbon Reduction, Innovation, Going Green and Compact, with the main focus centred around new leading edge machinery and technologies aimed at increased sustainability.

Carbon Reduction

The Develon stand at Intermat showed new solutions for carbon reduction in construction, covering both zero-emission and reduced-emission technologies.

Zero Emission Solutions (Future Energies Area)

Develon debuted its DX20ZE Mini-Excavator at Intermat, the company’s first electric model in mass production. With zero emissions and low noise, this 2 tonne excavator shares features with the Develon DX-7 Series of mini-excavators.

Also showcased was the 14W-EREV electric wheeled excavator prototype, boasting regenerative drive and advanced systems for increased efficiency. Develon also presented the DL250-FCEV, a concept Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, offering versatility with a choice of hydrogen or battery power options.

Reduced Emission Solutions

Develon presented various emission-reducing solutions, including fuel-saving technologies and bio-fuels like HVO and GTL. Alongside the Concept-X 2.0 products, these included the CVT transmission in the DL420CVT-7 wheel loader, which offers significant fuel savings. Using the DL420CVT-7, Develon also debuted the Transparent Bucket safety system at Intermat, addressing blind spots in wheel loaders. Additionally, the DX530LC-7K excavator showcased the Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) hydraulic system for enhanced fuel efficiency.

Going Green

The Going Green pillar underpinning the Develon stand showcased the company’s positioning as the industry’s ‘green’ partner of choice for customers.

This was demonstrated through machine identification labels highlighting green features like HVO compatibility and the use of bio-oils. Develon also emphasized contamination control with biologic/organic oils and showcased machinery compatibility with HVO and Gas To Liquid (GTL) diesel fuels.


At Intermat, Develon showcased its latest compact equipment, including the new DD130-7 dozer and a preview of the DTL35-7 compact track loader, both boasting advanced features for enhanced productivity. Also on display were new mini-excavators including the DX10Z-7, DX17Z-7, DX27Z-7 and DX85R-7, offering enhanced performance, stability, versatility, operator comfort and durability. The DX100WR-7 wheeled mini-excavator, equipped with a tiltrotator, was debuted in the demonstration area.


The Innovation theme highlighted new electric and hydrogen-powered machines such as the DX20ZE, DL250-FCEV and 14W-EREV, along with the Transparent Bucket system. It also showcased digital technologies such as the Develon Smart Quarry, DXP digital platform and Fleet Management systems. The Smart Quarry Solution streamlines quarry business processes, while the latest Develon Fleet Management system offers enhanced wireless fleet monitoring for increased productivity and efficiency.