Meet the new DX-7 Series

We are pleased to introduce the new DX-7 Series Excavators. With numerous upgrades and improvements across the board, the new line-up represents the best combination of performance, smooth and intuitive controls, sustainable manufacturing and unbeatable value for money for customers.

Watch the full launch video below.

The new DX-7 Series brings several key benefits for customers:

360° cameras and ultrasonic object detection for full visibility around the machine. The new excavators are safer than ever, allowing operators to focus on their job while minimizing risks.

Introducing an all-new, spacious cab with premium seating equipped with heating and cooling controls. In addition, the operator has a large 8-inch user-friendly touchscreen monitor through which they can input and change all settings needed during daily operation.

Doosan’s new smart hydraulic system introduces a priority valve, providing optimal flow to the attachment, when both the arm and attachment are working simultaneously. This results in 30% better work efficiency.
The latest Stage V-compliant engines boost fuel efficiency, while an improved combustion system reduces particle emissions. This increases the lifetime of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), with no maintenance required until 8,000 hours.

Find out all about the new DX-7 Series here.